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First 3D Printed Non-Screw Based Cervical Stand-Alone Cage

Genesys Spine is pleased to announce the launch of the first 3D Printed Non-Screw Based Cervical Stand-Alone Cage in the United States.
The AIS-C 3DP Stand-Alone Cervical Cage consists of a 3D printed cervical interbody cage combined with titanium anchors enabling bony fusion and fixation with direct anterior access and a minimum of steps. The 3D interbody cage features Genesys Spine's proprietary SemafourTM Technology. This technology consists of a unique 3D lattice which has been optimized for osteogenesis by tailoring the pore size, wettability, roughness, and surface energy of the implant.
Beyond the advantages of SemafourTM Technology, the AIS-C 3DP stand-alone cervical interbody cage includes:
  • Direct anterior approach allowing for a smaller, mid-line incision.
  • Non-screw based fixation.
  • Quick, simple, non-impacting anchor insertion - does not need an awl or drill.
  • Zero-step locking mechanism - Contains a locking feature that provides visual confirmation of engagement, but allows for anchor removal when desired.
  • Easily revised or removed - use of the removal instruments allows the locking mechanism to be bypassed so the anchors can be extracted. No drilling is required.
"The ease of application of the AIS-C 3DP Stand Alone, now combined with the addition of Genesys Spine's SemafourTM Technology, will take an already excellent implant and further enhance it as a superior surgical choice for my patients. I believe this implant will become my implant of choice for ACDF's." - Dr. Matthew Philips, M.D. - board-certified neurosurgeon and Director of the Brain and Spine Center at SouthCoast Health in Massachusetts.
About GenesysSpine
Founded in December of 2009, Genesys Spine's mission was to bring a suite of medical implants and instruments with novel characteristics into a mature spinal fusion market. Since that time, Genesys has released eight new FDA-cleared product lines with several other products in various stages of the design and development cycle. Genesys has also developed several proprietary instruments to aid in the use of its products. All of Genesys' inaugural products and proprietary features, including system-specific instruments, have garnered very positive feedback from the marketplace and remain within existing parameters for today's current reimbursement codes. Find out more by visiting External Link.
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