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Synergy Medical Signs Partnership With MED-ID Australia / New Zealand

Synergy Medical have announced (October 20) a partnership with MED-ID. Synergy Medical is based in Longueuil, Quebec, and, from 2008, has been designing, manufacturing and installing automated systems that allow pharmacies to efficiently and accurately prepare compliance packs: specialized pill boxes that enable patients to adhere to their medication regimens. Synergy Medical has installed over 500 SynMed® XF and SynMed® ULTRA systems throughout North America and in Europe, in independent pharmacies as well as in centralized production facilities for pharmacy chains.
"Synergy Medical has developed proven technology to ensure accurate and efficient filling of blister packs. Multi-dose blister packs are noted to save time and reduce errors during medication administration," states Jean Boutin, President and founder of Synergy Medical. "We are pleased to partner with an organization that shares our focus on patient safety and has the necessary expertise and infrastructure to ensure the successful installation and support of SynMed® technology in Australia."
MED-ID is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has been working with hospitals and LTC facilities to stop medication errors at the bedside with Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision using the MedEye system.
"The annual cost of medication-related problems in Australia is nearly $1.4 billion - equivalent to 15 percent of total PBS expenditure1," states Dr. Paul Gooden, co-founder and Director of MED-ID. "Our goal at MED-ID is to give patients and healthcare professionals the right tools to ensure safety, convenience and efficiency. The addition of Synergy Medical gives our pharmacy customers the opportunity to expand with leading technologies, including Computer Vision, to further increase safety and efficiency."
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