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BASF teams with Poietis on bioprinted skin project

BASF and Poietis, the first company in the world for 3D laser-assisted bioprinting, have signed an agreement on research and development in cosmetics. Based on the combined expertise of both companies in tissue engineering and bioprinting, the agreement aims to apply the bioprinting technology of Poietis to improve BASF's skin equivalent model Mimeskin. The terms and conditions of this agreement were not disclosed.
The 3D laser-assisted bioprinting technology, by which organic tissues can be reproduced, allows for a precise positioning of the skin cells in three-dimensional structures. Through this, cells are cultivated within BASF's skin model Mimeskin, which is the closest equivalent to the original physiological tissue of human skin. Dr. Fabien Guillemot, Founder and President of Poietis, remarks: "We are extremely pleased about this collaboration. Having long-term expertise in solutions for the dermocosmetics market, BASF understands the benefits of 3D laser-assisted bioprinting compared to conventional cell culture technologies and other bioprinting methods. The partnership also emphasizes bioprinted tissue models as an alternative to animal testing in cosmetics and dermopharmacy."
Poietis' bioprinting technology refines BASF's skin model Mimeskin due to its advanced printing resolution. The laser-assisted bioprinting technology will be used in a first step to allow for automated reproduction of Mimeskin, followed by more advanced models containing additional cell types. Dr. Sebastien Cadau, responsible for tissue engineering development at BASF, points out: "Compared to other bioprinting methods the laser-assisted technology provides higher resolution when it comes to the patterning of cells. The partnership with Poietis allows BASF to secure its strategic advantage in better understanding the skin mechanisms which support the development and testing of advanced cosmetic bioactives for skin care applications."
Source: Poietis
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