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A Closer Look at Biosensor Technology at Sensors USA 2019

A key focus of the Sensors USA part of the IDTechEx Show! will be Point-of-Care Biosensors. Biosensor devices provide information associated with a specific health condition or disease. The general trend in biosensors is a move from testing in centralized hospitals, to the patents with point-of-care devices. The market for biomedical diagnostics is expected to grow steadily, reaching $43 billion by 2029 according to IDTechEx, due to an ageing and growing global population, increasing health expenditure, and more prevalent lifestyle ailments such as obesity, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
As well as a session dedicated to Point-of-Care Biosensors, the Sensors USA conference will feature a 2-day program selected by analysts and industry experts, bringing together material suppliers, component providers, sensor manufacturers and end-users. It is the place for you to find the convergence of technologies and business opportunities to create the most innovative products.
The first session of the Sensors USA conference will be the keynote presentations. IDTechEx Principal Analyst Dr Xiaoxi He will start the whole conference, providing an overview of sensor innovations and corresponding application markets. The following talk will be given by GE Global's Principal Scientist, Dr Radislav Potyrailo, who will present on "Wearable Gas and Physiological Sensors: GE's Approach for Boosting Sensor Reliability." Then Principle Engineer Mr Francois Beauchaud from Bosch Sensortec will present MEMS sensors with the title "Learning on the edge: The role of software and MEMS sensors." The last speaker of the keynote session comes from Suunto Oy, Business development director Jussi Kaasinen will give a talk on sensors used in sports vertical with the title of "Digitalizing sports: Expanding sports analytics from professional athletes to all performance levels".
At Sensors USA speakers will address biosensors for point-of-care applications. Speakers include:
Voler Systems will talk about biosensors used for physiological measurements in wearable devices.
Bioling's talk will be given by the CTO/Founder Dr Joshua Windmiller; their technology is a continuous glucose monitoring system. The title of the talk is "Biomarker sensing in the dermis: A preferred location?".
Sanmina's sensor solution is based on a non-invasive measurement. The title of Sanmina's talk is "Non-invasive Endothelial Vascular measurement detects insulin pulses and predicts glucose levels".
Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC) will talk about "Wearable Sweat Sensor Patch", a research topic which is rapidly rising in popularity.
Vista Therapeutics will give close this session with a talk on Nanobiosensing. The CEO & Co-Founder of the company Dr Spencer Farr will provide a talk with the title "NanoBioSensing: A powerful new platform for real-time, continuous, label-free biomarker monitoring".
With the comprehensive agenda, you will get a rich exposure of sensor information, further details of the IDTechEx Show! agenda can be found here
The IDTechEx Show! will offer the platform to obtain information, build connections, and explore business opportunities. In addition, co-located conferences will be held at the same venue, with materials, manufacturing & component innovation themes in Energy Storage Innovations, Graphene & 2D Materials and Printed Electronics, as well as industry-focused themes: Electric Vehicles, Healthcare, Internet of Things Applications and Wearables. Register now for the latest technology innovations, player activities and market updates at

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