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Wearables for Continuous Health Monitoring

In today's connected world, consumers send and receive content on multiple handheld and portable devices on a continuous basis. However, much of health monitoring is still done in a discrete manner, such as during a doctor's visit.
But that is rapidly changing, as evidenced by the number of medical device, consumer electronics, and startup companies developing wearables for continuous monitoring. Continuous health monitoring provides users with a peace of mind, allows for preventative healthcare, and has been shown to improve treatment outcomes. Patients with chronic conditions see improved quality of life and reduced hospitalizations and ER visits.
Attendees at Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020 will hear from industry representatives on how the next wave of connected and wearable medical devices will bring increased benefits to patients, healthcare providers, insurers, and the pharmaceutical industry. IDTechEx has forecast the medical wearables market to be worth almost $20 billion by the year 2024. In this article, we highlight some of the exciting technologies at our event.

Starkey: World first multi-purpose hearing aid

One of our keynote speakers at Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020 is Dr Achin Bhowmik, CTO of Starkey Hearing Technologies. Starkey have launched Livio AI, the world' first multiple purpose hearing aid with embedded sensors and artificial intelligence. In addition to the benefits of enhanced body and brain monitoring from the ear, the hearing aids also include fall detection and alert capabilities. As people with hearing loss are more likely to have a history of falling, the Livio AI is the perfect wearable in which to apply such life-saving technology.

Hexoskin: Smart shirts for human vitals monitoring

IDTechEx have been following the e-textiles market for many years, and are excited to host Mr Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO of Hexoskin. Hexoskin has developed smart shirts for human vitals monitoring and will share with us how their shirts can help patients with chronic conditions to stay at home. But not all of Hexoskin's shirts are for home use - their Astroskin platform has been used by astronauts in space since early 2019.

Lief Therapeutics: Skin patches for mental health

Awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing is rising, and numerous startups have focused on using digital therapeutics to improve the management of conditions such as anxiety and depression. Lief Therapeutics CEO and Founder Rohan Dixit will share with attendees how tracking and improving heart rate variability using a wearable skin patch has helped 90% of patients reduce their anxiety in 8 weeks.

Dreem: A soft headband that monitors your sleep

Another area that is gaining prominence is sleep tech. The short-term effects of sleep deprivation, such as grumpiness and tiredness are well known, but sleep deprivation also increases risks to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. IDTechEx have invited Dreem Managing Director of North America Mr Vik Panda to speak on how the Dreem headband can help users understand and improve their sleep.
20% attendee discount ends February 21, 2020, visit to register your place at Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020 on 17 - 18 March 2020 in San Jose, USA.

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