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New Global Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials Market Report

New Global Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials Market Report
IDTechEx, a trusted provider of independent market intelligence, have released a new market report, "Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials 2024-2034: Markets, Players, Technologies". The report forecasts the electromagnetic metamaterials market to approach US$15 Billion by 2034.
IDTechEx's latest metamaterials report thoroughly explores the technologies, applications, and markets of optical and radio-frequency metamaterials. Drawing on primary interviews with key players in this fast-evolving market and leveraging existing research, the report offers comprehensive forecasting, industry overviews, player analysis, and assessment of key applications including reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for telecommunications and metalenses in smartphones. It provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of this potentially transformative industry.
"Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials 2024-2034: Markets, Players, Technologies" covers the following key aspects:
  • Materials and manufacturing of optical and RF metamaterials- Analysis of key materials for optical and RF metamaterials across various applications.
  • Evaluation of primary manufacturing methods and assessment of emerging technologies for metamaterial fabrication and comparative analysis.
  • Applications of optical and RF metamaterials- Exploring key applications of RF metamaterials, such as reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) for telecommunications, radar beamforming for automotive and other industries, and medical uses. Covering production challenges, technology benchmark, and case studies from key players.
  • Exploring key applications for optical metamaterials, including metalenses in smartphones and VR headsets, antireflective coatings and laser notch filters, LiDAR beamforming and more. Covering performance and production challenges, application fitness analysis, case studies from key players.
  • Investigating the status of metamaterials in each application, covering technology readiness level, drivers and challenges, key industry players, SWOT analysis, and market outlook.
  • Market forecasts & analysis- 10-year granular market forecasts by separate applications of electromagnetic metamaterials.
  • Assessment of technological and commercial readiness level for different applications of electromagnetic metamaterials.
The main contents of this electromagnetic metamaterials market report include:
  • Executive summary and conclusions
  • 10-year granular market forecasts for optical and RF metamaterials in revenue, surface area and units sold by application
  • Key applications and markets for RF metamaterial- Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS)
  • Radar
  • EMI shielding
  • Medical applications including diabetes monitoring
  • Key applications and markets for optical metamaterial- Metalenses including for use in smartphones and VR headsets
  • Optical filters: antireflective coatings, laser glare protection
  • LiDAR beam steering
  • Player analysis and insights for all above markets
  • Market and technology analysis for all of the above verticals
  • Manufacturing methods and material selection for optical and RF metamaterials
  • Company profiles
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