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COVID-19 Driving Unprecedented Growth for Antimicrobial Industry

IDTechEx have recently launched "Antimicrobial Technology Market 2021-2031", a market research report covering additives and coatings that imbue surfaces and products with the ability to remove microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, and fungi. This market has received significant attention from governments, industry, and even consumers over the past year (2020) due to the technology's potential to address transmission of COVID-19, with some companies experiencing triple- and quadruple-digit growth. Antimicrobial films and antimicrobial face masks are just two of the best-selling product types during the pandemic.
Antimicrobial technologies, as covered in the brand new IDTechEx report, continuously remove (deactivate or destroy) microorganisms with little if any human intervention. Microorganisms that are targeted by these technologies can cause serious harm to human health and damage to property. The limitation is that antimicrobial surfaces do not replace the need for frequent cleaning.
IDTechEx's latest report, "Antimicrobial Technology Market 2021-2031" examines key antimicrobial technologies utilized by the industry. These include silver-based, copper-based, zinc-based technologies that leverage the oligodynamic effect of metals, as well as coatings containing silane quaternary ammonium compounds, and titanium dioxide, which utilize mechanical and chemical mechanisms respectively. The report highlights companies commercializing each technology, including comparison of efficacy claims and interviews with companies.
In addition to the core technologies, IDTechEx have also identified an additional 10 technologies of interest. These include innovative methods to stabilize and localize traditional disinfectants, as well as biomimetic technologies such as peptides and dyes.
IDTechEx have identified over 100 companies that have developed antimicrobial technologies, including over 60 companies focusing entirely on antimicrobial product development. Though the antimicrobial properties of materials such as silver and copper have been known for centuries, it is only recently that commercialization of these technologies has increased significantly. The report also includes discussion of business models, market sizing, market outlook, market forecast, and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on this industry.
IDTechEx has tracked 60+ companies in the brand new antimicrobial report. Source: "Antimicrobial Technology Market 2021-2031"
Aside from fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, antimicrobial technologies are utilized in healthcare, food, agriculture, transport, construction, marine, and textiles industries. Antimicrobial technologies have a wide range of applications, from saving lives by preventing nosocomial infection to prolonging the lifetime of outdoor furniture to improving indoor air quality.
The brand new IDTechEx report, "Antimicrobial Technology Market 2021-2031" provides a comprehensive overview of the antimicrobial industry, including insights obtained from primary interviews with industry players. With high demand and awareness of antimicrobial technologies, companies should strike while the iron is still hot. Though vaccination efforts will allow the world to move on from COVID-19, the key lesson to be learned is that the groundwork needs to be laid down today in order for the world to be ready for the next pandemic.
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Posted on: February 11, 2021

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